Our Competitive & Keyword Research Checklist includes:

  • Keyword Traffic Analytics: Distributed report showing key performance metrics on top website content including keywords, bounce rates, conversions and other traffic quality measurements.
  • Keyword SERP Rankings: Distributed report showing keyword rankings based on automated search queries and gathering of rankings on top search engines for up to 50 keywords on the major search engines.
  • Keyword Research: Identify, analyze, and document the top keywords for the website to target through the process of brainstorming keyword combinations, reviewing website content and analysis of keyword volumes.  The keyword research process identifies up to 25 keywords from the brainstorm, 1,000 for keyword volumes, and provides up to 50 recommended keyword targets.
  • Competitive Scorecard: Identification and qualitative review of up to 10 competitors to analyze the organic strength to determine how easy/difficult it will be to win top rankings in relation to the collective set of websites.