Our SEO Technical Review Checklist consists of:

  • Technical Review: Complete report on Crawl Errors, Content Analysis, Internal Link Structure, Site Download Speed, Home Page Speed and sitemap.xml Index Rate.
  • URL Management:   Use the website robots.txt, page canonical tags, GWT parameter ignores & preferred domain, static urls, and 301 redirect strategy to optimize the website URLs into the search engines.
  • XML Sitemap:    Setup and management of Sitemap.xml creation for websites with up to 500 URLs.  For larger sites, we will support internal resources to develop an automated process to build the sitemap.xml.
  • Internal Link Structure:    Review and recommendations for the website information architecture to improve internal Page Rank and anchor text support for target keywords.
  • Other Items:   Examples of other items that could be covered depending on the website include Shared IP Address, Home Page Status Codes,  Code to Text Ratio, Site Compression, Remote Use of .js & CSS